About the One and Only Idle Game

Geeks vs Gangsters combines classic idle game features with genre-revolutionizing exciting new aspects! Use the huge talent system to plan your strategy with countless possibilities, choose your managers carefully to make the most of their special effects and don’t miss the truckload of upgrades offered in this unique clicker game!

Side with one of the iconic factions and start piling up money! Feel like a Geek earning your money in front of a nifty mechanical keyboard? Or are you a Gangster walking in the shadows getting your hands dirty? This idle game let’s you make the choice! Follow your path and unlock your true potential! Exciting, isn’t it?

There are 1922 upgrades, 1021 achievements, several awesome special upgrades, a talent system with over 100 unlockable skill points, a unique specialization for each faction, neat graphics, choosable music, leaderboards, competitions, daily rewards and much more! All the clicker game fun you need!  What are you waiting for?

Awesome Clicker Game Features

You’re gonna love these!

Multiple Factions

Select your career! The first idle game that let's you choose how you're gonna earn them bucks!

Multiple Factions:

Choose between the Geeks and the Gangsters, each of them with their own awesome businesses, upgrades and possibilities! What’s it gonna be?

Talent System

Plan your strategy with the awesome talent system! Which road leads to the biggest income?

Unique Talent System:

You guys wanted it, there you have it: Spend over 100 talent points on the skill system, reset as often as you’d like and try out different combinations! A clicker game first!


Multiple managers with unique abilities to hire for your jobs. Choose the one you like and idle away!

Skillful Managers:

Each business offers multiple different management options each of which boosts a different part of the business. Choose the one that fits your playstyle.

Multi-Language Support

You've asked for it, there it is. Select the language you want to play Geeks vs Gangsters in.

Multiple Languages:

Lot’s of you wanted this – Translations. Currently available are English and German, French is work in progress. Which else do you want? Drop us a message through the clicker game.


Almost 2000 different awesome upgrades for you to buy! Can you get them all and maximize your income?

Lot's of Upgrades:

Aside from the nearly 2000 upgrades there are various special upgrades you can buy to enhance your idle game experience!


Unlock additional features to enhance your game and of course your revenue! What are you waiting for?

Unlockable Features:

Aside from the vast amount of upgrades there are multiple features to unlock starting from a unique specialization and ending with analytic tools. Find them all!

But wait, there’s more!

Become the Idle Game Geek!

Feeling nerdy? Join the Geeks! Awesome money-making options are waiting to be used and optimized! Ready to mine some bitcoins?

Start off by blogging around for a while, move on to doing Let’s Plays, rank in some cash by creating awesome websites and much much more.

Keep on geeking around and you might earn enough money to learn your specialization, the awesome Hacker, unlocking many new possibilities to bring you closer to wealthiness!

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Or a Clicker Game Gangster!

Welcome to the dark side! We might not have cookies, maybe you can steal some? But wait, let’s start out with something easy like… Lollipops!

Fret not, you will soon be ready for more interesting jobs. After all, who’s never dreamed of robbing a bank? Now you can legally and virtually go for it.

After you’ve increased your reputation and wealth as a gangster, you might just uncover even more profitable ways of ranking in cash by unlocking your specialization! Want to know what it is? Go on, join the Gangsters and find out!

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Screenshot Candy

Because everyone loves screenshots.

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